"Effective and Experienced Legal Counsel - Cost Efficient Representation"

For 38 years, the law firm of Roy J.D. Hall, Jr. & Associates has provided effective and experienced legal counsel to many prominent financial institutions, insurance companies and maritime vessel owners. We represent clients in all types of matters, such as admiralty and maritime legal defense, commercial litigation, and insurer defense litigation.
We are a small law firm, but we work in association with major U.S. and foreign admiralty or insurance companies on all of their business and insurance defense matters. We will be aggressive in protecting your maritime and commercial interests. Further, our insistence on providing cost-efficient representation has gained our law firm an impeccable local and international reputation.

Contact us in Pago Pago, American Samoa at (684) 699-3131 or best to email at roy@rhalljrlaw or rhalljrlaw@gmail.com.

Effective and Experienced Legal Counsel

Our full-service law firm practice areas, include:
Admiralty/maritime defense
Commercial litigation maritime
Insurance defense
Product liability defense
Premises liability defense
Injury and workmen’s compensation claim defense
Civil litigation

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Your company can benefit from our full-service law firm’s international reputation for effectiveness and experience. (684) 699-3131 or best to email at roy@rhalljrlaw or rhalljrlaw@gmail.com.